Press Release: Wing Cheung Hing Knitters won the Hong Kong Green Awards 2015


Hong Kong, 15 December 2015— Wing Cheung Hing Knitters (WCH) today announced that WCH won the Hong Kong Green Awards (HKGA) 2015 – Green Management Award (SME) Service Provider and received this award for six consecutive years.

HKGA was first organised and staged by the Green Council in 2010 with the goal of formally identifying and recognizing local companies with exceptional performance on green purchasing and/or green management.


The HKGA 2015 incorporates four award categories — “Green Purchaswi$e Award” (GPA) , “Green Management Award” (GMA) , “Corporate Green Governance Award” (CGGA) and “Environmental, Health and Safety Award” (EHSA). The objectives are to identify and recognise corporations and SMEs with outstandingperformance and achievements in green purchasing, green management, environmental, health and safety management and green governance; and encourage businesses to increase environmental considerations and responsibility, as well as improve their environmental performances, in their management and operational processes; and determine and acknowledge select businesses and corporations that have committed implemented, monitored and realized the greatest environmental management, and performance improvement efforts and results.


This year marks the sixth consecutive year of the HKGA. Since 2010, more than one hundred companies and organizations have been recognized and rewarded for their superior environmental performance through this prestigious award. The Green Council fully intends to further expand and evolve the HKGA into an even more widely celebrated and recognized prominent annual event in Hong Kong.

The broader objective of this year’s HKGA has been to raise awareness and recognize businesses with outstanding performance in green management, purchasing and governance, as well as to encourage all large corporations and SME to support and work towards a sustainable Hong Kong.


As a means to further and publicly recognise and promoting the HKGA 2015 winners’ extraordinary efforts and achievements in environmental sustainability and commitment, Green Council organized Winner Experience Sharing Seminar and Result Announcement for the awardees to showcase their environmental initiatives and successes. WCH has attended the Green Council’s 15th anniversary and HKGA 2015 Presentation Dinner Gala which held at the Mira Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong on 3 December 2015.


Nowadays, people are more and more concern with the pollution and their health. WCH participate in protecting the environment by refusing to use any harmful substances in the process of production. Founded in 1976, WCH is a Hong Kong based company which specializes in manufacture of quality stockinette to meet the packaging needs of companies around the world. With decades of experience and expertise in the sourcing and production of stockinette, WCH has become a familiar brand name in the stockinette packaging industry. WCH will continue to produce quality stockinette that are free from any harmful substances. WCH will not only keep up the good quality but also take up the social responsibility to protect our environment for the future of our society.