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Stockinette You Can Trust

Wing Cheung Hing Knitters (WCH) is your trustworthy partner in packaging supplies with over 40 years of experience and expertise in sourcing and production of Certified Graded Stockinette. Quality is always WCH's top priority in manufacturing stockinette to exceed customers' expectation. WCH brings the stockinette products to independent testing agencies for tests to ensure it complies with international safety standards. We are able to customize the stockinette products in order to accommodate different customers' specifications. Most importantly, WCH stockinette is free from any microbial comtamination.

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Biodegradable Stockinette

The Biodegradable Stockinette is made up of a biodegradable synthetic fibre and natural fibre, like cotton. As we know polyester is derived from fossil fuels and incineration generates toxic air pollution. To reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, there is a need for biodegradable raw materials. Biodegradable Stockinette is the answer to the question.

First generation is derived from agriculture feedstock, e.g. corn, potato. Bacterial fragmentation process bio-based materials by synthesizing the building blocks from renewable resources e.g. starch, cellulose. Through the process of Hydrolysis, fermentation and synthesis, it will form into a biodegradable synthetic fibre.

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Plastic Packaging

Wing Cheung Hing Knitters is an advanced food packaging solutions company and always see it solutions to the highest level to satisfy customers' need in all area. We have added plastic packaging in our products recently. As food packaging is aiming at preserving and protecting food from contamination, plastic packaging is one of the solutions. Plastic packaging can ensure that food does not come in contact with unwanted bacteria or materials. WCH can customize the size and thickness of the plastic packaging according to the customer's specifications. As a company concerning environmental protection, WCH plastic packaging is biodegradable.

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