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Stockinette, also called meat cloth, is a knitted fabric that is used for wrapping meat carcasses, for example, mutton, beef, pork, etc. Founded in 1976, Wing Cheung Hing Knitters ("WCH") is a Hong Kong based company which specializes in the manufacture of quality stockinette to meet the packaging needs of companies around the world.With decades of experience and expertise in the sourcing and production of stockinette, WCH has become a familiar brand name in the stockinette packaging industry.

Our production is driven to ensure that the standards of all stockinette products not only comply with the specifications of our customers , but also exceed their expectations.

WCH has a rigorous quality control and assurance program, which begins with the yarn selection and contiues through all stages of manufacture into the finished product.  This includes examination and testing of the yarns, stitching, knitting, fabric construction, plaiting and final baling and packaging.

WCH is able to customize the stockinette products in order to accommodate different customers' specifications.

Press Release: Wing Cheung Hing Knitters Conjoined with the Hong Kong Young Women Christian Association (HKYWCA) to Organize a Visit to the Farm of Healthy Ageing

Hong Kong, 17 May 2014 --- Wing Cheung Hing Knitters (WCH) today announced that WCH conjoined with the Hong Kong Young Women Christian Association (HKYWCA) to organize a visit to the Farm of Healthy Ageing in Fanling, Hong Kong.


HKYWCA is an association with purpose to advance the spiritual, mental, physical and social welfare of individuals, and promote their growth in Christian character and to cultivate Christian spirit of fellowship and service. Established in 1920 to care of our community, the HKYWCA is one of the largest and oldest women's organizations in Hong Kong. Since the inception, the HKYWCA have endeavored to strive the women's rights by offering women-oriented services such as eradicating illiteracy among women, promoting monogamy and “equal work for equal pay”. Upholding the purpose of “Enhancement of Life” the HKYWCA has been developed into a diversified social service organization, with “Enhancement of Life” as the core serving objective.






Wing Cheung Hing Knitters (WCH) has implemented TAG+ as a digital certificate in meat or food packaging. It is called Digital Food Certificate (DFC). In the process of packing cut meat or meat carcasses, information related to the products can be written to TAG+, for example the meat/ carcass origin, weight, the supplier information, the processing plant information, the certificates and safety standards used in production, etc. All of these information can be added to one tag. The tag can be placed to individual bag, package, carton, bale, or pallet, depending on the packaging used on different food or meat products. One system can be applied to the suppliers, the manufacturers, the wholesalers, the distributors, and the retailers. All they need is a reader to read the tag on the product package and they can see the information retrieve from the central system.

TAG+ used in packaging is a faster and more transparent good streams in production. It will significantly reduce manual activity and is more reliable than bar code because it need not be scanned at a close range. TAG+ is wireless and no direct contact of the reader and the tag is necessary. Data is transferred by radio-frequency electromagnetic fields. Thousands of tag can be read and processed in one time. Tracking and tracing products can be easily done with reduce man power. Fast inventory management is carried out to massive of packages in an accurate manner.